Annual Review

Annual Review

Every pupil at Greenfield School has an Annual Review each year. We have a PCP (Person Centred Planning) approach which is a process for continual listening and learning, focussing on what is important to the pupil now and in the future, acting upon this in alliance with all who are involved in the young person’s life. PCP is a way of assisting pupils to work out what they want, the support they require and supporting them to achieve this.

During the review the pupils Statement of SEN is reviewed and actions set for the forthcoming year. We have tea, coffee and biscuits available for all attendees to ensure they feel welcome and comfortable. We begin the review by introducing all who are in attendance and watch a video of the pupil showing us all that they do with Greenfield School. Everyone is expected to give input throughout the review to ensure that all aspects of the pupil’s life have been addressed, for this we use post it notes and populate information on the relevant boards.

We review last year’s Actions to ensure all have been addressed.

The Review process:-

  • What we like and admire – comments from everyone about the pupil.
  • How best to keep me healthy and safe – medication, exercise and healthy eating, support from therapies, travel training, support from agencies, internet safety, stranger/danger, etc.
  • What is Important to pupil 3-13yrs – likes and dislikes/curriculum, provision, develop confidence, Work Time, individual timetable etc.
  • What isImportant to the pupil now and in the future 14-19yrs – pathway to Paid Work, Health, Friendships and Community, Housing are all completed
  • What’s Working/What’s Not Working– from the Pupil’s Home, School, College, Social Services, Health and Careers opinions are gathered.
  • Actions -from all of the above we are able to see what is not working in the pupil’s life and are able to set actions for the forthcoming year.

At the end of the review pupils, parents and professionals are asked to complete an evaluation on their opinions of the review process, some of their comments are:-

  • Pupil comment– “I enjoyed my review and I was happy that people listened to me.”
  • Parent comment – “I’m incredibly grateful for all the effort being put forward to help my daughter to progress in her life and society.”
  • Professional comment – “Reviews are well organised, information on pupil’s is readily available both before and at the review meeting. Pupils are always given the opportunity to be part of the review and are encouraged to give their views. Having all the relevant agencies present allows for smoother transition.”