Positive Behaviour Support

Positive Behaviour Support

At Greenfield School, we strive to be a Person-Centred Organisation with Positive Behaviour Support at the heart of our work.  PBS adopts a preventative approach to behaviour management which strives towards the reduction of restrictive practices whilst keeping all individuals safe and promoting growth and development.  PBS is regarded as best practice.

The PBS philosophy means that we expect each young person to be a full and valued member of our community with the same rights as everyone else.  It ensures respect for their culture, ethnic origin, religion and gender, and seeks to maintain and develop their self-esteem, confidence and give a sense of well-being by ensuring all young people:

·Have the means to communicate and are supported by staff who are effective    communication partners;

·Are encouraged to make real and realistic choices and exert control over their own lives;

·Are listened to;

·Have even their smallest achievements recognised and celebrated;

·Are exposed to appropriately pitched expectations and effective behaviour modelling;

·Are taught skills and compensation strategies which increase their ability to manage their own behaviour.

PBS is a multi-tiered, school wide approach for all our learners.  The emphasis of this approach is placed upon skill building which enables individuals to interact appropriately and safely with their environment and those within it.  It places a responsibility on the staff team to understand those factors within the environment that are supporting and maintaining the behaviour that is considered challenging.  This may include examining both their environment and also their own behaviour.  This approach moves away from the idea that the reason for the behaviour is based within the child themselves, and shares the responsibility with the environment and those within it.