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Early Years

We follow the new Curriculum for Wales in the Early Years, with an emphasis on providing fun and exciting 'hands on' learning experiences in our indoor and outdoor provision, which is differentiated to meet the needs of our learners. Each class has access to an outdoor area as well as our own HydroTherapy Pool and local amenities, such as Giddy Kiddies Soft Play Centre, the Sensory Room and Forest School area in the ICC which are located next door to us.

 We use a multidisciplinary approach in collaboration with other professionals to ensure that our learners have full access to the curriculum. As a result, the staff works closely with Speech and Language Therapists, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Education Psychologists, Dietitians, Community Nurses and other professionals. We also use Attention Autism to develop concentration, adapting these principles to introduce topics and skills.

The curriculum focuses on:-

Creating ambitious, capable learners, ready to learn throughout their lives. Our goal for Early Years learners is to help them become as independent as possible when performing day-to-day tasks like expressing their likes and dislikes, completing learning activities, and interacting with their peers. We use a variety of interventions, including Relationship Based Play, to improve learners' opportunities to develop these skills.

Enterprising, creative contributors, ready to play a full part in life and work. We work on developing functional life skills for our learners in the Early Years by providing them with practical real-life scenarios.

Ethical, informed citizens of Wales and the world. It is important for us in the Early Years to have a sense of ‘cynefin’ (belonging) within the school community as well as experiences with Welsh culture and heritage. We teach our students that their actions have an impact on the wider world.

Healthy, confident individuals, ready to lead fulfilling lives as valued members of society. It is paramount that our learners are able to communicate their wants, needs and desires in their chosen form of communication, which we promote through Total Communication. We provide a range of therapies in the Early Years to promote a healthy lifestyle, such as Hydrotherapy, Move and Healthy Eating.