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Healthy Schools

At Greenfield School, we are working towards achieving the Healthy Schools Award. The Healthy Schools Award recognises the 7 health topics that should be covered throughout a school's involvement in the scheme; and, for each of these, identifies important aspects of a whole school approach in the following aspects of school life.

These areas are: Leadership and Communication, Curriculum, Ethos and Environment and Family and Community Involvement. The Healthy Schools award builds on the importance of pupil participation in core areas of school life which directly affect the health and well-being of children and young people, e.g. teaching and learning; environment, staff selection, pastoral care; the importance of the understanding and commitment to action of the whole school community; the existence of a positive approach to health;  equity and links to other relevant national and local programmes and policies.

We have currently achieved six phases of the award, most recently Phase 6: Food and Fitness. We are currently working towards achieving Phase 7: Mental Health and Emotional Well-being.

At the moment, we are implementing the ‘Shine’ CAMHS service within our school to improve both pupils and staff mental and emotional health and well-being.

We are also currently exploring provisions for breast-feeding on site. We are hoping to successfully achieve Phase 7 shortly.

Please follow the documents below for Healthy Schools Welsh Guidance: