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Key Stage 3

The Key Stage Three Department consists of four classes which range from pupils aged between eleven and thirteen years of age. Pupils follow the Curriculum for Wales which relies heavily upon an inclusive and thematic based approach to learning. The Curriculum for Wales covers six areas of learning which are Languages, Literacy and Communication, Mathematics and Numeracy, Expressive Arts, Health and Well-being, Humanities and Science and Technology. At Greenfield School, the Curriculum for Wales centres heavily upon cross-curricular links and the importance of local heritage which encourages and enables learning to be meaningful and purposeful to each individual learner. The Curriculum for Wales encompasses a skills based approach which inspires learners to learn through hands on experiences, captivating learning through exciting and rich activities both in and out of the classroom environment.

All Key Stage Three classes follow targeted interventions which include Rocket Phonics, POPAT, STYLES, Big Maths and IXL. These programmes enable pupils to explore and develop their own learning within the school environment and provide the opportunities to further extend through to home based learning. Pupils experience a wide and diverse range of activities suited to their individual needs to encourage, excite and stimulate learning throughout the school week. All pupils have IEPs, One Page Profiles, Transition Plans and Learning Journeys as part of the Person Centred approaches that we adopt at our school. We also implement the IDP system for those learners to whom it may apply.

Encouraging pupils to develop their independent and social skills is extremely important and at Greenfield, we have systems in place to support pupils to develop functional skills. The use of the community as an extension of the classroom, plays a big part in the nature of our focused teaching and learning. Pupils have the opportunity to access termly outdoor experiences at Bryn Bach Park to complete a variety of outdoor educational activities. All pupils have inclusive swimming sessions at either our school pool or at Aberfan Community Centre. A wide range of community visits often take place, including shopping to purchase cookery items which are used to later cook with, park visits, local community nature walks and thematic termly trips.

Key Stage Three pupils have access to a wide range of weekly sporting clubs which include Boccia, Chess, Football, Gymnastics, Netball and Rugby. A multitude of sporting trips are always on offer, which provide pupils with experiences of team work both in our school and whilst competing against other schools. The Key Stage Three curriculum offers a wide range of educational and functional activities and experiences which suit the needs of all different types of learners. It is a broad and engaging curriculum which caters to all pupils’ strengths, interests and abilities.