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Special School Nursing Service

About Us

We are a small team of nurses covering the 5 Special Schools within CTM UHB. Our service is an enhanced service, meaning that not all learners attending will require the support of the team at all times. However, we would encourage all children and young people or their families to contact us for advice in regard to their healthcare needs at school.

What We Provide

Our service is designed for those learners with healthcare needs that require support during their time at school, to include physical and mental health and well-being. We support Special Schools to support learners with Healthcare needs by liaison with the child or young person, their family and the wider team around the child to assist with treatment/care planning, and to facilitate training and education of staff where appropriate. We also work with those professionals to ensure that learners are provided with the services required to protect their health and development, such as childhood immunisations, and additional learning provision.

School Nurse - Medication

The school has strict guidelines as to the giving of medicines. All medication to be given at school must be accompanied by written consent stating the name of the medication, dosage and time to be given. All medicines/tablets/creams/lotions must come to school in the original container bearing the child’s name, name of medication and dosage. Please inform the school of changes or discontinuation of medicines. All medication must be signed and received by the school nurse in person. Medication must not come into school via school transport and/or in pupils' bags.

Medical Issues

Any medical issues are dealt with by the School Nurse who works in close liaison with other Health Professionals. This includes physiotherapy, occupational health, paediatric consultants and speech and language therapists.