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Trauma Informed School


Greenfield is a Trauma Informed and CLA (Children Looked After) Friendly School. We have received the Platinum Award for CLA Friendly schools and are a certified organisation for being Trauma Informed. This means that we use person-centred approaches to support pupils on an individual level, offering the care and support that each may need.

Greenfield is proud to provide pupils with an emotionally available adult and a wide range of well-being interventions, including Relationship Based Play, ELSA and Therabuild. Greenfield School is committed to enhancing the achievement and welfare of CLA and PCLA in the following ways:

  • Having high expectations for the child and ensuring equal access to a balanced and broadly based education.
  • Recording, monitoring, and improving the academic achievement of the child in addition to their health and well-being.
  • Achieving stability and continuity.
  • Prioritising reduction in exclusions and promoting attendance.
  • Promoting inclusion through challenging and changing attitudes.
  • Promoting good communication between all those involved in the child’s life and listening to the child.
  • Maintaining and respecting the child’s confidentiality wherever possible.
  • Ensuring staff awareness of, and sensitivity to, the difficulties and educational disadvantages of CLA.
  • Ensuring an appropriately trained Designated Teacher is appointed, who will be responsible for all CLA.
  • All CLA and PCLA will have a Personal Education Plan (PEP) drawn up between the school, the child, and the child’s social worker.