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Welsh Language and Cwricwlwm Cymreig

At Greenfield School we are committed to developing the Welsh language alongside an understanding and appreciation of our rich heritage and culture. This reflects MTCBC’s goals in its Raising Aspirations Raising Standards (RARS) and also in MTCBC’s Welsh in Education Strategic Plan (WESP) 2022-2032:

‘To continue to grow opportunities for Welsh medium education across the County Borough, supporting families and professionals to develop their skills in the use of Welsh so that they are more confident to use the language wherever they are.’

Pupils have the opportunity to communicate in Welsh at a level that is developmentally appropriate for each individual. These are based upon the Welsh Language Patterns that are provided by the Central South Consortium and HWB. The approach is inclusive and allows each pupil to achieve their potential. Emphasis is placed upon skill development in speaking and communicating and this is achieved through participation in conversation, song and other art forms.

Opportunity to develop Welsh is integrated into lessons in all Areas of Learning and Experience and is encouraged in incidental and informal contexts in all aspects of school life. As part of the Welsh Government’s Siarter Iiath (Welsh Charter), Greenfield has embarked upon working towards the Bronze, Silver and Gold awards in Cymraeg Campus led by our Criw Cymraeg, which has representatives from throughout the school to help promote our work in Welsh language development.

Our Cwricwlwm Cymreig is delivered through a wide range of activities that include cultural off-site visits, sport and music. The school is very proud of having our own mascot by the name of Dewi - a green dragon who emerges from his cave to help us in celebrations and all things Cymraeg!